Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm not always a heartless bitch...

 ...more often than not, yes; but every once in a while my soft spot shines through and since today is Valentines Day I'd like to send you all some heartfelt wishes. * Gag, gag*. 

I have decided that for today I will set aside my potty mouth and instead serenade you with this sweet little sentiment.  It's the  'Winter Song' sung by Sara Bareilles, both her voice and the video are quite pretty.  So enjoy and I'll get back to cussing at you a little bit later.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh sweet fuckity fuck, I haven't laughed this hard in a long time

Upon visiting one of my all time favorite websites,, I found this truly hysterical shit.  Thank you geekologie writer, thank you.

*Please Note: I do not condone violence and am highly opposed to weaponry of any sort.  But I do condone dumbasses. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Despicable me. No, not "ME" asshole.

I'm havin' a bad, bad day
If you take it personal, that's OK
Watch, this is so fun to see
Ah, despicable me...

I came across another wicked interactive website,  this one is for an upcoming movie.  It's still under construction (no info is posted on the actual story yet) but be sure to check out the previews and gallery.  It's pretty sweet.

And if you have nothing better to do (like me), stay a while to play a game or two.  But only if you *really* have nothing better to do, the games are pretty lame.  But not lame enough to take away from the overall awesomeness of the site.

Monday, February 8, 2010

UPDATE: Kia's superbowl commercial was some silly awesomesauce

If you lack short term memory, or if you have never visited this blog before, you will not recall the preliminary excitement that I expressed regarding Kia's upcoming Super Bowl commercial (about 3 posts down).  Well, I'm no sports fanatic but even I know that the Super Bowl has come and gone and I just *had* to find that damn little commercial.  

Well I did, and it kicks ass.  Turns out we don't really see a whole lot of Muno, and even though the monkey dude stole the show, it was the bear that got the girl.  You can view its coolness here but you're going to feel like a total loser in comparison. Don't say I didn't warn you. Damn I wish I was a fucking puppet.

Pictured below: Sneak peak or spoiler alert, your call.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

So THATS where the black box is!

 Much like an episode of What Not To Wear,  South African airline Kulula has received a facelift after adopting a new branding scheme called “Flying 101.” A creative paint job on the exterior of the carrier indicates where the planes parts are located and includes items such as: front door, nose cone, black box, landing gear and secret agent code. Yes, secret agent code.

The Kulula rebranding effort was accomplished by South African creative agency, Atomosphere Communications, and the rebranding graphics are only a portion of the brands planned business and marketing transformations.  Other changes include items such as high impact environmental consciousness through ‘Project Green’ and simple in-flight entertainment podcasts.

Pictured below: Kulula Airlines pre-intervention (click image to enlarge).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ghana, you dirty little bitch

Ghana has become a dumping ground for the Western Worlds discarded electrical equipment and items such as keyboards, circuit boards and cables are amongst the most popular contributors to e-waste pollution. Many items are regularly burned in order to retrieve valuable copper which results in the release of toxic metals such as lead, mercury and beryllium into the atmosphere.

Andrew McConnell, an incredibly talented photographer, has captured startling images of a waste dump in the suburb of Agbogbloshie which is worth a few minutes of your time here. Seriously, you're a dick if you don't check this out. 

Pictured below: A man crossing a bridge over a river.  That's right, a RIVER.

This is how we roll

See that big red cyclopse dude? That's Muno, a big friendly monster currently airing on the Nick Junior network.  Debatably Muno also resembles a gigantic dildo although I wasn't aware that silicone could transmit HPV.   Anyways, that's neither here nor there, Muno and his above posse will be making a brief appearance in a Kia commercial during the Super Bowl.  Take a sneak peek at his money shot here. I don't know why this made me laugh so hard, it just did. 

Scrubbing back + looking out for black sails = Multi-tasking

Meet the porthole bath, a traditional bathtub which incorporates two circular windows generally found on ship hulls into its design. This unusual idea was contrived by The Water Monopoly company in London who makes all sorts of funky swag for your loo.  

Be sure to check out their free standing Needleshower which looks much like an ancient torture device and costs only £18,995 + VAT.  But really,  that's a bargain considering it may may be effective at obtaining a confession which could lead you to that final piece of Aztec gold.

Pictured below:  Arrr ya free Friday night?

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