Tuesday, December 15, 2009

50 cent knows how to sweet talk a Lady

Normally I hate it when rap songs tell me what to do, but that's all changed since  my ears have been blessed by 50 cents latest lyrics, a romantic serenade that promises steamy porn sex followed by lots of money. And a baby.

"Girl I perform for you, like a porno star
'Til you had enough then I just need a lil' bit more"

"Girl, I want you to gimme what you got, then gimme more
Baby, you can start on top, or all fours
You know I like it, when you get into it
Don't nobody do it, uh, like I do it"

"I need you to give what I need, more than liquor and weed
I need you to maybe give me a seed"

"Have a baby by me, be a millionaire
Have a baby by me, be a millionaire
Be a millionaire, be a millionaire"

Well spank me silly, how's a girl to say 'no' to that?

Pictured below: Always a hopeless romantic, I can only dream 50 cents sky-written marriage proposal will put all others to shame (because nothing says I [heart] U like a giant penis dollar sign).

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