Saturday, January 23, 2010

Husband and wife team are all sorts of funny

Meet Hollie.  Hollie is blonde.  Hollie is married.  Hollie has no deeply rooted issues. Hollie does not display symptoms of mental illness.  Hollie does not freak out in public.  But Hollie cries at the end of almost every movie, happy or sad.  Darth Vader makes Hollie sad.  Hollies husband thinks this is funny.  Said husband films Hollies crying commentaries and posts them here. Hollie thinks this is funny too (or at least for now).

This dynamic duo also post other things online. Are you a true ninja?  Find out here. I've always wanted to be a ninja, but deep in my heart I know I'm really a pirate (it's the clothes, yo!).  Unlike me, this husband and wife team really are ninjas since this cleverly designed site is really a front for a Christian website.  Stealth little bastards...

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