Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spice up dinner with a pinch of salt, a dash of pepper, and a healthy topping of STDs

You read the title of this cookbook right? And no, it is not a joke.

Author Paul "Fotie" Photenhauer claims [semen is]
"not only nutritious, but has wonderful cooking properties." The author compares the taste to fine wine or cheese, describing the taste as “complex and dynamic”. Whilst this concept may be far too much to stomach for even the most adventurous of food lovers, this book hopes to change people’s attitudes towards a naturally produced and widely available ingredient. "All across the world people consume things which, without being clouded by the bias of social preconceptions could be considered stranger. Millions of people each day enjoy covering their breakfast cereals with the mammary secretions of cattle which, on reflection, can seem much more unnatural an act."

Comparing milk from a cow's udder to human ejaculate, you have got to be fuck'n kidding me. No wait, you have no time to kidd, you're too busy fuck'n something else... in my kitchen no doubt...

For a preview of actual recipes, and to render your dinner guests speachless, click here.

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