Friday, December 18, 2009

The Fallen Princess Project

Dina Goldstein is the master mind behind the Fallen Princess Project which places Fairy Tale characters into modern day scenarios.  Rather than each character living their 'happily ever after' the artist addresses conflict by representing each tale as though it were a current day issue.

Inspiration for the project was drawn from Brothers Grimm stories which were adapted by Disney with the expulsion of the dark and gruesome details from which they originated.  The artist then took Disney's perfect Princesses and displayed them side by side for comparison with real issues that affect women such as illness, addiction and self-image.

See more of this amazing work here.

Pictured below: On the lighter side, Super Not So Super brings us their interpretation of Super Heroes in super ordinary situations. Follow the link to see Wonder Woman washing dishes, Batman receiving a foreclosure notice, and more.

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