Thursday, December 31, 2009

Super Mario's video eulogy

Someone whom I assume is a really big fan of Super Mario created an inspirational video / commercial for Super Mario Galaxy and posted it on .

*Long drawn-out sigh...* Oh, the trials and tribulations that Mario must face traveling through outer space collecting power stars with nothing but his bravery and nine power-ups to guide him.  Defeating his enemies by stunning them with Star Bits, feeding the Hungry Lumas, surfing on a Manta Ray, and eventually floating away in a magical bubble... and all this effort just to save a helpless little valley girl, Princess Peach, from the evil grips of Bowser.  Bravo.  Truly commemorative. *Wipes away a single tear that dramatically roles down cheek*.

Pictured below: The vain valley girl from Beverly Hills Drive, Mushroom Kingdom CA.

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