Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's a hard knock life

PC and video game graphics are unbelievable these days and experienced gamers are constantly upgrading their systems to meet escalating hardware demands. It sometimes makes me miss the good old days when I used to sit in front of the Commodore64 and play Rescue 911 for hours.

So you can imagine how completely thrilled I was when I found this completely ghetto game that is reminiscent not only of the synopsis of Rescue 911, but also embraces the crappy technology.  But instead of guiding an ambulance through obstacles on the road to rescue innocent civilians from a burning building, you help Tiger Woods guide his Escalade through obstacles on the road to outrun his angry wife.  And trust me, the bitch is angry.  To see just how angry, click here.  But really, can you blame her?  Personally she's my new hero.

Pictured below: If you enjoy Japanese animation and (normally) elegant women who occasionally feel the need to slap the shit out of each other, you may also enjoy Rose & Camellia.


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