Friday, February 20, 2009

TMZ releases leaked photo of Rihanna's battered face

If you are curious...

Sorry the picture is copyrighted and protected or you would have seen it here. It's so sad that her privacy was invaded and the pic was publicized, but as you can see I was also willing to post it. Shame. On. Me.

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  1. maybe I watch too much SVU but I wanted to see the pic of Rihanna for a while-- I always believed her, that was never a question-- but I wanted to see what the deal was.
    I'm actually MORE disgusted now with CB than I was before-- I had *hoped* that the situation was something like he smacked her open handed, she called the police... I'm saddened that in fact, this wasn't a bad thing blown into a horrible thing, but actually horrible thing-- know what I'm saying?
    I also think though, that the publicity on this case might help someone out there-- if it can happen to a celebrity who has "everything going for her" then I can own up to the fact that it's happening to me, that kind of thing.

    Also sad of course that someone on the LAPD is risking their job for this kind of tabloid b.s.

    finally-- I've been watching some TMZ (gotta love working from home) and when they ask other celebrities, like Jay-Z and whoever, they say this pat blanket b.s. about our thoughts are with them BOTH.
    I hope everyone sees this picture and realizes that anyone who can entertain the idea of beating anyone else, especially a woman, is NOT the kind of person you want to be associated with, do business with, be in videos with, etc.

    drop CB like he's hot, to steal a phrase...


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