Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bratz introduces: Chloe the teenage mom doll

Ok, so that's not really true, but when you look at this doll, isn't that the first thought that crosses your mind?

Personally I don't think this line of dolls sends the right message to little girls, but maybe that's just because I don't want to see my future Didi dressed in fishnet stockings and platform shoes wearing more makeup than a hooker at age 5 (because let's face it people, that is the target market age for these little glam sluts).

Pictured below: When little Chloe isn't busy changing the twin's diapers, she's droppin' it like it's hot with friends Yasmin, Shasha and Jade. And when times are tough and there isn't enough baby formula to go around, you can find little Chloe making a little extra cash on the side - - look for her in that dark alley around the corner...

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