Monday, March 2, 2009

I want one, just because

I'm seeing very animated cakes everywhere I go now and I have to admit the seven year old inside of me is screaming for my very own. Really digging the topsy turvy looks-like-it-will-topple-over-any-minute-now style.

Pictured below: the idea has also translated to cupcakes [Ahem, Audrey].


  1. Tell me you get Food Network? Check out Ace of Cakes (and various food network challenges, on around midnight everyday)... but Duff Goldman at Charm City bakery in Baltimore (of all places... what's with that town and the oddly quirky?) has his own show... make it bigger, make it badder, make it AWESOME!
    He should add to his credo: make it tiltier!

  2. Yes, love that show, Ace of Cakes has some really awesome designs. And I make a point of watching the cake and sugar challenges too. My fav so far was the Dr. Seuss cake challenge.


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