Thursday, March 19, 2009

Man wins $43 million dinner

Yesterday, 55-year old Paul Kusznirewicz's lawyer served the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) with legal papers for a December 8th $42.9 million Buccaneer slot machine win that Georgian Downs Casino, located in Innisfil Canada, refused to pay out.

“Call attendant, you have won $42.9 million” the machine said as it was ringing its bells and whistles.

A casino employee first congratulated Paul with his win, but after seeing the total winning indicated said, “oh, but look at how big, I’ll have to call my supervisor.” Two supervisors, security and a few mechanics arrived at the machine, taking pictures. Then someone said: “We can’t pay you that money because that machine is broken.”

OLG calculated that the maximum payout for a Buccaneer slot game is $9.025. “It malfunctioned. It clearly malfunctioned, each machine has a posted sign that says malfunction voids all pays and plays.” said spokesperson Allison Sparkes. But the maximum payout is not posted, plus OLG’s legal team couldn’t prove the machine was broken.

And what did the casino offer Kusznirewicz's instead as compensation? Four tickets for the buffet. Ooooooooh yaaaaaaaaa.

Pictured below: Stock up bitches, cuz this is all you can eat for $43,000,000.00

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