Monday, March 23, 2009

Lion King puts Michael Jordan to shame

Long story short, for shits 'n giggles... um, I mean... for science, ya, that's it! For SCIENCE, two guys locked themselves in a super strong box and studied the feeding hierarchy of aggressive male lions. They conducted a number of experiments which included hanging carcass' from trees, and setting up dummies (of mammals commonly hunted by lions) and mannequins (the same kind you see in a Macy's store window snuggled up in warm winter mittens over Christmas) to determine the feeding habits of a pride.

So what did these two guys find out? 1) That lions can jump 11 feet straight up into the air without blinking; and, 2) That they were not omitted from the King of the Jungle's dinner menu.

To witness this spectacular and disturbing event, click here.

Pictured below: OK, so the boy can jump, but can he rip the head off a gazelle in a single bite? Ha! Didn't think so!

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