Saturday, March 7, 2009

William Shatner wants to land the Starship Enterprise in your backyard

Seventy-seven year old former Star Trek actor William Shatner says screw you to the American dream, he'd rather be Canada's next Prime Minister.

Shatner made his intentions known after receiving a letter from a fan urging him to run for the Governor General (who is appointed by the monarch, currently Queen Elizabeth II, to perform the constitutional duties of the sovereign on her behalf).

"My intention is to be Prime Minister of Canada, not Governor General, which is mainly a ceremonial position." Shatner said.

Shatner added: "I must, with my deepest thanks, turn down your honourable intent to advance me as Governor General. Besides which, I don't have time to be Governor General." Despite his busy schedule, the actor is confident he has what it takes to run the country, explaining: "As Prime Minister I can lead Canada into even greater exploits."

I wonder what sort of exploits he is referring to. Perhaps he is paranoid that a terrorist attack will unleash a virus on Canada that removes the populations inhibitions. Or maybe he intends to address the North American Free Trade Agreement and is planning to venture into Canada's fresh water resources to rescue a ship full of beautiful female cargo.

Pictured below: A look inside Canadian Parliament after a few small interior design changes have been made and the new interns have arrived.

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