Monday, March 9, 2009

Psst... They're not real

It's A Girl!
Barbara Millicent Roberts
Born March 9, 1959 in Willows, Wisconsin
11 ½-inch tall, proud new addition from Mattel

Celebrating her 50th birthday today, Barbie has traveled the world and worked 108 jobs (and counting) over the past half century. She's the perfect spokesperson for Tampax proving that a girl really can do anything having been a horseback rider, an Olympic athlete, an astronaut, a Marine Corps sergeant, an aerobics instructor, and a rock star. But true to Barbie's real profession as a clothes horse and supermodel, the doll had her own show during New York Fashion Week where top designers such as Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang created outfits inspired by the doll.

Barbie was first introduced wearing a black and white swimsuit, sunglasses, and black open toe shoes. In her debut year she had 22 ensembles, some were casual but most were glamorous and well accessorized. The doll's manufacturer, Mattel, has estimated that more than one billion fashion items have been created for Barbie and her friends to date.

Happy Birthday Barbie, and thanks a lot for programming me to believe that I need to achieve an impossible body image and support superficial consumerism in order to have a purpose in life.

Pictured below: Barbie at 50 without the help of the Nip & Tuck crew

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